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Cara share folder di Windows 7 tanpa homegroup (english)


Sumber : http://downtownmicro.com/guides/how-to-share-folders-in-windows-7-without-homegroup/

This tutorial will teach you how to share files and folders in Windows 7 without using HomeGroup. You will be able to share your files with any version of Windows.

The process for sharing folders in Windows has remain unchanged until Windows 7. The process is still the same as it used to be, unless you want to share between two Windows 7 PCs.

By default, Windows 7 disables all the settings needed to share folders the old school way. I guess they do this to encourage the use of their horrible HomeGroup concept. Anyway, on the PC containing the folders that are to be shared, go to:
Start > Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center
On the left side of the screen, click “Change advanced sharing settings”

There are three possible location settings in Windows 7, those being Home, Work, or Public. There are two sections within this “Advanced sharing settings” window. One is “Home or Work” and the other “Public.” In the Network and Sharing Center (menu you were just in) you can see which location setting you’re using. Since you’re trying to share folders, I would assume you have it set to Home or Work.

So then, change the “Home or Work” settings, unless you are indeed using Public. You need to use the following settings:
-Turn on network discovery
-Turn on file and printer sharing
-Public folder sharing – doesn’t matter, I’d leave it off
-Media streaming – leave this alone
-File sharing connections – if you’re sharing ONLY between Windows 7 PCs, turn on the 128 bit encryption, otherwise use the 40 and 56 bit encryption
-Turn off password protected sharing
-Use user accounts and passwords to connect to other computers

Click Save changes. Now that the settings are configured, I am going to share a folder called ‘Share’ located on my Desktop.

First I need to right click my folder and go to Properties.
Click the Sharing tab, and click Advanced Sharing.
Click the box that says “Share this folder” and then click OK.

The steps you’ve just completed will allow any Windows operating system besides 7 to access the folder. You need to do something extra so that 7 can access it.

Click the Security tab
Click Advanced
Click Change Permissions (towards the bottom of the menu)
Click Add
You should have a menu that looks like this:

Click in the “Enter the object name to select” box
Type into the box: Everyone
Click check names, and Everyone should now be underlined
Click OK.
It will ask you what kind of permissions you want everyone to have to this folder, choose as you please.
(it should look like this right now):

Be sure to notice the “Apply to” box as well, and choose the setting you need.
Click OK three times
Click Close

The sharing part is done. Now, to access the files, you will need the name of the computer you just shared the folder on.
Click Start
Right click Computer
Go to Properties
It will say your computer name in this menu, take note of it.

On the PCs that you want to access the folder from:
Click Start
Type run in the search box
Click run
Now type into the run box: \\computername (replacing computername with the name of the computer)
You should see a new window with your shared folder pop up. :)

To get to the Run prompt in Windows XP, you need to:
Click Start
Go to All programs
Go Accessories
Click Run


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